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‘Every tooth is
attached to a person.’

I like to treat each patient as an individual.
Our practice follows our philosophy based on a holistic concept. The patients are always at the heart of what we do.
This means that I take plenty of time every day to thoroughly discuss with the patients all the questions that arise and provide them comprehensive advice. Patients of all ages are equally welcome.
I always endeavour to treat you empathetically and pain-free. Painlessness and a relaxed atmosphere are particularly important to me.


Licensure at the Free University of Berlin 2000
Assistant dentist 2000 ‑ 2004
Parental leave 2002 ‑ 2004
Practice representation 2004 ‑ 2005
Independence in joint dental practice Coskun and Hansen 2005 ‑ 2009
Joint dental practice at Engelbecken since 2009

Additional qualification curriculum for children’s dentistry